Eye Care Facts & Myths

There are a ton of different myths surrounding your eyes. Most people grow up with these ideas that certain activities they do can either be harmful or not harmful to their eyes. Our specialists at Boston Eye Group want you to know the truth surround your eyes and vision so that you are fully aware of what can and cannot be harmful. 


  • Using a computer is harmful to the eyes.
  • Reading in dim light is harmful to the eyes.
  • Wearing poorly fit glasses damages your eyes.
  • Wearing poorly fit contacts does not harm your eyes.
  • Children outgrow crossed eyes.
  • It’s okay to swim with soft contact lenses.
  • If you use your eyes too much, you wear them out. 
  • You do not need to have your eyes checked until you are in middle-aged.
  • Cataracts can be removed with lasers.
  • A cataract must be apt before it can be removed. 


  • Computers are related to eye strain and fatigue; it is not harmful to your eyes.
  • Reading in dim light can cause your eyes to feel tired, but it is not harmful.
  • Good glasses fit is required for you to see clearly but a poor fit is not harmful.
  • Poorly fit contact lenses can be harmful to the cornea. 
  • Eye infections can result from swimming while wearing contact lenses.
  • There are many different eye diseases that can begin prior to your middle-age years. 

If you ever have any questions about eye care and your vision, feel free to contact the team at Boston Eye Group. We are here to make sure that all of our patients are knowledgeable and comfortable with their eye care. 

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